Powerful, Clean & Simply Works.

Apex is an open-source, hybrid PHP-based framework meticulously designed for efficient and robust web development. Its unique hybrid design seamlessly combines the power and flexibility found in comprehensive frameworks with the simplicity, ease of use, and extensibility of popular CMS solutions.

Guided by modern best practices and industry standards, Apex offers a straightforward yet powerful architecture, ensuring a minimal learning curve and an enjoyable development experience.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Package Repository: Offering instantaneous installation and management of packages for highly extensible systems.
  • Integrated Development Network: Apex brings all facets of project development under one roof, including built-in version control, repository management, CI pipeline, staging environments, easy 3-stage syncing, one-line deployment, and more.
  • AI Assisted Development: Describe your system in plain text, and under your supervision have a fully functional base system developed and ready to tweak into its final form.
  • Earn Revenue: Earn passive income by publishing commercial packages to the integrated marketplace at prices you define.

Take the training program, and experience the fusion of advanced capabilities and user-friendly design. Develop faster, launch higher quality applications sooner .

Four-Line Installation

Get up and running with the four line install:

git clone https://github.com/apexpl/apex
cd apex && mv install_example.yml install.yml
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec apex apex

That's it, and your NEW administration panel with base packages installed can now be found at

Spark your curiosity? Check out the Step-by-Step Training Program guide and be up and running with your own free code repository in no time.