Misc Utilities

Below lists various miscellaneous classes within Apex that may be useful to you. Click on any of the links to browse through all methods available in the class.

Utilities (Apex\App\Sys\Utils)

Class Name Description
Apex\Svc\Convert Convert raw data into display format including case, dates, money. Also exchange money between two currencies.
Hashes Retrieve and manage hashes within the package.yml configuration files.
Io Various I/O operations such as recursively parse / remove directtory, etc.
ScanClasses Powers the apex scan-classes CLI command.
SiteConfig Provides methods to retrieve and update entries within the /boot/site.yml file.


Class Name | Description Apex\App\Base\Implementors | Retrive all classes that implement a specific interface, whether that's the class name of value of a property name within each. Apex\App\Base\Web\Components | Helps manage the various components (eg. data table, html form, modal, et al). Apex\App\Base\Web\Utils\DataTableDetails | Obtains various details when rendering a data table such as total rows, current page, rows to display, etc.

HTTP Router (Apex\App\Base\Router)

Class Name Description
Router The interopable HTTP router, and looks up the HTTP controller / middleware to utilize for the request.
RouterConfig Pragmatically retrieve and update etries within the /boot/routes.yml file.
RouterResponse The response of the HTTP router specifying which HTTP controller / middleware to use.

Lists (Apex\Base\Lists)

Class Name Description
CountryList List of all countries and details in the world.
CurrencyListy List of all currencies in the world and symbols, etc.
LanguageList List of all recognized magor languages in the world.
TimezoneList List of all timezones in the last, offset, DST observed, etc.

Adapters (Apex\App\Adapterss)

Class Name Description
ArmorAdapter Provides link to the Armor dependancy.
ClusterAdapter Provides link to the Cluster dependancy.
ClusterFeHandler Provides link from Cluster and Syrus dependancies specifically for Apex.
MigrationsConfig Provides link to the Migrations dependancy.
SyrusAdapter Provides link to the Syrus dependancy.