Private Packages

Apex fully supports private packages, ensuring that only you and those you authorize will have access to your packages, keeping them hidden from the general public. The built-in Access Control List (ACL) commands allow you to easily grant or revoke access with a single command.

Marking Packages as Private

To mark a package as private, simply modify the appropriate package configuration file located at ~/etc/Package/package.yml. In the general section, change the access variable to private, as shown below:

  description: An Excellent Package
  access: private

This simple change ensures that upon the first commit, the package becomes automatically private and inaccessible to the public. If changed after the initial commit, the package update CLI command must be run on the package to update accordingly.


Private repositories come at a straightforward price of $8.95 per month, allowing an unlimited number of users access.

Staging environments, available with each project, can be automatically created during project initiation. These environments, hosted at, stay synchronized with the repository. Priced at $8.95 per month, they facilitate collaborative development by allowing real-time progress visibility. Every local machine commit is uploaded to the repository and synced with the staging environment.

For inquiries, issues, or assistance, feel free to reach out via the contact form for a prompt and helpful response. Alternatively, you can post on the Community Forums.