Commercialize Package and Earn money

Apex also allows developers the opportunity to earn passive income by marking their packages as commercial. Let's update the new package as necessary to put a pay wall behind it.

Open the file at /etc/Disaster/package.yml, and modify the general section so it looks like below:

  description: Disaster relief coordination system
  access: commercial
  type: package
  category: uncategorized
  license: MIT
  price: 129.95
  price_recurring: 39.95
  recurring_interval: Y1

We simply changed the access element to commercial, and added theprice,price_recurringandrecurring_intervalelements to thegeneral` section. Page

Open the file at /etc/docs/Disaster/ and replace it with the following contents:

# Disaster Relief Coordination System

A really cool package to provide disaster relief coordination and manage locations, volunteers and assignees.

The file is meant for commercial packages and to market them. It can contain anything you would like including links to external sites to market the package.

Commit the package again to update it to contain the file by running the following package commit CLI command:

apex commit disaster

Update Package

To have the Apex network updated with the latest contents of the general section within the package.yml file run the following package update CLI command:

apex package update disaster

This will update the package within the Apex network, and now when you visit the repository at you will see it has a pay wall on it. Full information on marketing packages as commercial and earning passive income can be found on the Commercialize Packages page of the developer documentation.