Generate Docs

Next, let's generate the necessary documentation for the package. Within terminal, run the following package gen-docs CLI command:

apex docs disaster

This will generate a new directory at /docs/Disaster/classes that contains all reference documentation for every class and method within the package. Next, modify the file at /docs/Disaster/ and replace it with the following contents:

# Disaster Relief Coordination System

This is a simple package that upon install will generate a new parent menu within the adminstration panel called "Disaster Relief" which will contain two sub-menus allowing you to manage the various locations and projects for disaster relief.  Plus there will also be a new Settings->Disaster Relief menu allowing you to modify the settings as desired.

There will also be a page located at that allows users to submit donations to the relief projects of their choice.

## Dispatched Messages

There is one message that is dispatched to the routing key `disaster.projects.create` that you can utilize to execute additional PHP code within your own packages.

## Reference

You may view the reference documentation for this package at the URL:  Naturally, replace the `USERNAME` within the URL to your Apex username.
## Contact

For any support or questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at