Publish Package

With the package already developed out, unit tests in place and documentation generated, let's go ahead and publish it to the network. Within terminal, run the following package commit CLI command:

apex commit disaster

If you don't already have an Apex account it will prompt you to create one. Don't worry, it's a very simple process. Once complete, it will automatically create your new code repository and upload the contents of your package to it. You will then be able to access your repository at the HTTP and SVN URLs that are provided.

Create Release

With the commit completed and new repository created, we need to create a release. Within terminal, run the following release create CLI command:

apex release create disaster 1.0.0

That will simply commit the current codebase of the package as a release allowing other users to easily install it.

Install Package

If desired, do an additional clean Apex installation. Once installed, run the following package install CLI command:

apex install <USERNAME>/disaster

Naturally, replace <USERNAME> with your Apex username, but then the package you developed will be instantly installed on the system.